Legends Diner – Pop Up Noodle Corner

Diner and snooker room

Dive into a mixture of contemporary Asian cuisine, at City Tatts new Pop Up Noodle Corner. Located in Legends Diner, you’ll feel like you are lost on the streets of Asia as you experience all the delicious flavours this new City Tatts eatery has to offer.

Inspiration comes from Asia’s vibrant street food culture, and more specifically popular classics from Malaysia, Thailand and China. The menu is created from fresh locally sourced produce and in-season ingredients.

Pop Up Noodle Corner boasts a collection of favourites, with a range of dishes from soups, rices and noodles such as Beef Noodle Soup, Wonton with egg noodle soup, Sweet and sour pork, stir fried garlic prawns, as well as mixed dim sum and dumplings. Ample vegetarian options are available for diners.

Bookings not required.

Pop Up Noodle Corner Menu


Operating Hours:

Monday to Saturday

5:00pm – 8:30pm

Sunday : Closed

Enquiries: members@citytatts.com.au